Our team of statistical researchers helps our clients speak directly to their target audience.   Whether they are constituents or consumers with an innovative blend of professional communications tools; we can help find the right message to be delivered using the right media to the right audience.

Live Operator Studies

The Political Matrix utilizes a state of the art blended survey research center and is staffed with over 400 highly skilled representatives trained to retrieve, capture and document the information that is critical to your project.The length of this survey is usually eight to ten minutes or at or about 12-15 questions. An audio recording of random completed surveys is available upon request. Live operator studies with 450 responses including verbatim comments are an incredible tool to in-depth research needed for micro-targeting.

Interactive Voice Response Studies

The Political Matrix’s IVR surveys usually consist of 6 to 8 questions. Respondents answer by pressing keys on a touchpad phone. IVR studies with 450 completed responses start at a more than reasonable rate. This not only includes the mechanics but also included is crosstabs, weighting, and full measured analysis.