Greg Fink Photo 3

Greg Fink (CEO & Founder)

Starting this political chapter in 2006, Greg has been actively involved in nearly every part of electioneering since 1998.  With his primary focus centered on tactical research and micro-targeted message development and dissemination; he has worked with Scott to perfect a polling and research model that rivals any other polling firm in the industry.


Principal/ Creative Director

Starting his political service in 1999, Scott joined the Political Matrix as a principal and the creative director since 2010. Scott is responsible for the creation and distribution of printed goods and digital media products. The marketing plan created include a messaging narrative for the candidate that is developed by polling research that identifies areas of focus for the campaign.

Our Approach

The Political Matrix is a collaboration of consultants and political practitioners serving over 300 political, educational and environmental campaigns in the past 19 years. Formerly we have been known as Open Market Research (OMR), MarketingMetrics&Media as well as the Listener Group.  Through the expertise we have nearly perfected, we want to bring our experience and services to your Winning Your Campaign.

What are we bringing to the table?

  • Opposition Research
  • Message Development
  • Polling
  • Ring-less Voicemail Drops
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Campaign Signs

Please visit our Product page to visit our full offerings.